Dear Phil Spencer, please do not kill Kinect

Dear Phil

I am an Xbox user who loves Kinect. I know we use it for a short time. I know a lot of people do not like Kinect. I know that many people consider it useless. I also know that it made things difficult for the Xbox One in the beginning.

But Kinect is a wonderful device, and achieves something unique in party games. Playing with Kinect with the family is a incredible good thing. It allow us to share games with those who do not play normally. What’s more, Kinect is the reason that several people I know, bought a Xbox 360 at the time.

And it would be a shame if that magic is lost. I would love to see remastered games that came out for 360 on the One. Those games were brilliant, and unfortunately they do not exist on the One. And I would like to see new games.

Some rumors say that Kinect it’s dead right now. I refuse to believe that. I know that Kinect is not the priority at present. I understand and respect that. Just, please, do not kill Kinect. And if it’s possible, launch a game for it from time to time. No rush. Maybe in the future it could be what Kinect was in the past.

Best regards


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